Winners 2014

Holly Walsh’s Edinburgh Fringe poster design has won at the first ever Comedy Poster Awards 2014.


Holly Walsh, who is performing a show called Never Had It, takes home the £500 prize provided by sponsors Bull Dog Gin and Magners Cider.

Bloody hell! This is a turn up for the books! I’m so sorry I can’t be here in person because – despite putting all my time and effort into making my poster – apparently I actually have to do the show as well.
I did this poster entirely by myself – apart from the photography, lighting, make up, typesetting, design, photo-shopping, graphics and all other major creative decisions.
In fact, if the photographer Rich Hardcastle, designer Penny Klein or make up artist Christa Chappell tell you they had any part in this, then they I will personally sue them. You can get a good lawyer for £500, right?
Thank you again on behalf of me, and those three arseholes who will inevitably try to steal my thunder. Cheers.

Holly Walsh


Second place went to Steen Raskopoulos who took home £300.


Finally my high res PDF with embedded fonts is getting the recognition it deserves.

Steen Raskopoulos


Third place went to Ellie Taylor who is awarded £200.

When I first heard about the Poster Awards I thought ‘Great, just what the Fringe needs, another form of judgement’. But then I came third and got £200. Yay for judgement! I haven’t been this excited about coming third in a poster competition since my year 9 geography teacher let us get creative about wind farms. The £200 will be spent wisely on a train journey home to a place where there are no bloody posters of comedians.

Ellie Taylor
Star of Brotherhood (Comedy Central) and Fake Reaction (ITV2)